Why Learn with Samata?

Develop as a Professional:
One must be prepared for the Future of Work, which requires levelling up and acquiring 21st century skills. Samata is dedicated to providing you with free professional skills training and preparing you for the future of work.

Network with the World:
Network with decision-makers, stakeholders, and organizations. We at Samata believe in collaborative learning.

Connect with Domain Experts:
Connect with domain experts and educators from top non-profit organisations, corporate industries, universities and cultural centres, who will mentor and share their leadership experience.

Enabling grassroots community leaders through public policy tools and experiential learning.

What We Do



Samata Scholars is enabling young people from low-income backgrounds to have equitable access to high-quality education to pursue careers in STEM and social sciences, gain academic and research skills equipped with mentoring and leadership programs.


We are conducting capacity building sessions of teachers educators creating a blended learning environment equipped with social-emotional learning and training programs on gender equality.


We work with young people by helping them with our career accelerator to gain employability and vocational skills as well as access to livelihood and entrepreneurship opportunities and digital literacy.


Enabling citizens by facilitating their access to social welfare and financial inclusion schemes of government and private entities.

Samata Careers Centre

We recognise that choosing a career path that corresponds with your interests, goals, and talents can be difficult at times. As a result, we at Samata intends to assist students and offer career advice. Don't worry if you're unsure what you want to do once you finish your studies; some people have a definite path in mind and are already preparing for applications and interviews, while others are somewhere in the middle. The future of work is changing; new employment options that were unthinkable only a few years ago are developing, and post-COVID opportunities are shifting in response to changing economic conditions. Skillsets have become increasingly vital while applying for jobs, and every industry has become more competitive. We've been there before! Yes, indeed! So now we want to assist you, to support you in laying the groundwork for a career that will enable you to handle the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in the years ahead by our initiative Samata Careers which will assist you in navigating your career

Theory of Change

We use an integrated strategy with three elements to enable young people and citizens. First, we aim to increase awareness via our interventions so that people can make well-informed choices about their rights. Second, we aim to foster an atmosphere in which individuals' interests and rights are valued and protected by relevant stakeholders. Third, we aim to assist individuals in gaining access to resources and skills. To do this, we aim to collaborate with organizations that are embedded in and recognize the local cultures as well as the national background. We aim to build young people's capacity to advocate for public policy, governance, community health needs and rights.

Career Accelerator and Mentoring

  • Career Mentoring by Domain Experts and Professionals
  • Office Hours Sessions with Domain Experts, Professionals
  • One on One Mentoring and counselling focused on a three-tiered approach that focuses on the student's personality, professional aspirations, and passion.
  • Access to internships, fellowships and job opportunities
  • Guidance on Resume, Interview Skills and LinkedIn
  • Increase and formalize meaningful opportunities for professional development.

Social Impact, Public Policy and Governance

  • Enabling youths, women and community leaders to catalyse action for gender equality
  • Adaptive Leadership Training
  • Equipping with Design and Survey Research Tools
  • Public Policies and Governance Module Training
  • Capacity Building and skill development
  • Building entrepreneurial spirit and team-building Sessions

Capacity Building and Leadership Development

  • Training of the Trainer Workshops
  • Access to Masterclass conducted by domain experts
  • Access to Dialogues on key policy issues
  • Modules and Workshops on Public policy and collaborative leadership
  • Workshops to develop Critical Thinking and Critical Reading
  • Workshops to develop problem-solving skills, presentation skills

Democratising Access To Career Opportunities, Networking, Mentoring For Young People To Enable Them For Future Of Work And Help Them Achieve Social Impact

Samata (समता) Helpline

For Advice on Higher Education and Development Sector

We have career advice and suggestions to help you achieve your objectives, whether you're looking for a new job, exploring higher education, or simply want to improve your current skills. We prepare you for the future of work and learning by creating access to education, incubating you in our career accelerator program, and enable you with mentoring support by professionals.

Samata (समता) Helpline For Advice on Higher Education and Development Sector is a 30 Mins one-on-one guidance Session to provide free education and career guidance, mentorship support, and professional advice to anyone who requires support to level up in life. These are 1:1 online mentoring sessions for students to discuss academic planning, essay review, SOP review, and career navigation, prepare for interviews, get their CV & Cover Letter reviewed by experts, and professionals, and explore long-term career planning.

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