Samata Institute/ Become a Mentor

Make a difference in the world!

A Mentoring Program free of cost to enable students for Higher Education in Indian and Foreign Universities

Turn your passion into action.

We’ll connect you with a standout student who aspires to study your degree subject at a top university or wants to peruse a profession. You worked hard and achieved success in your profession or academic career. It is now your responsibility to assist another individual in their academic or professional pursuits. Our platform allows you to assist others in getting there as well. You can help individuals level up with an hour of video mentoring per week.

What it means to be a mentor

One-on-one mentoring between less privileged applicants and current top university students is at the heart of the Samata Scholars Program. You will be connected with a mentee who is interested in studying for a degree similar to yours at your university and is ideally from your region. Your monthly contribution of 1-2 hours can make a big difference. Throughout the application process, as a mentor, you assist applicants in application support and tips for the application and also encourage them in their quest to get access to higher education. 

Why you should become a mentor

Are you considering to volunteer as a mentor at Samata Scholars? We offer you a unique opportunity to develop professionally and have a positive impact on equality and social mobility.

Make a difference in a mentee’s life

You have the capacity to impact your mentee's life! Think how much guidance you would have appreciated when you were deciding where to study or how to create your personal statement. You can use your experience to help your mentees succeed.

Join a network of inspiring mentors

You can join our mentor network, which includes students from some of the world's finest colleges. We have regular online events where you would meet amazing students and make new friends.

Leadership and academic mentoring training, resources and partner events

For you to assist your mentee to succeed, we provide cohort-based leadership and academic mentoring training and resources to mentors. You will study and practise time management and interpersonal skills, and we will assist you in your professional growth by linking you with our patner organizations.

Want to make a real difference?