Samata Institute/ Samata Scholars

Access to Higher Education, Academic Research Skills Mentoring and Leadership Program

A mentoring program (free of cost) to enable students to peruse high-quality education at the World's Leading Universities.


5 Months (30 hrs)

Monthly Study

6 Hours


Marathi, Hindi, English

Mode of Learnings

Online and Offline
(you can choose online batch or offline batch)

Who can apply to become a part of Samata Scholars Program ?

  • Students, social workers, young professionals, public health professionals, lawyers, refugees who aspire to study Masters and PhD at World Leading Universities
  • Individuals from low-income, challenged and discriminated against backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.

The learning journey:

For five months, the learning sessions will demand 6 hours of commitment every month. Weekends (often late at night IST) will be used for online Zoom sessions, while weekdays will be used for 1:1 mentorship and community building.

Samata (Action For Impact) Founder Adv Pravin Nikam conducted a session on Higher Education at Tarunaai Team orgnaised youth leadership camp


Students from marginalized groups confront difficulties in pursuing education. Due to systematic challenges such as lack of access to guidance, support, lack of access to language resources, economic challenges and most importantly due to caste, class, gender discrimination and rural urban divide resulting in lack of diversity in our educational institutes.


We aim to assist young people from low-income groups and enable them as future leaders to create social impact. We aim to support them in their aspirations to study at world-leading Universities. We as a part of Action For Impacts Samata Initiative are committed to enable future leaders with the tools of education and skills to gain knowledge and professional strength.


We believe in supporting young leaders through transformative one-on-one mentoring interactions that enable young people from disadvantaged communities. Mentoring is a critical intervention in the lives of young people from marginalised communities. Along with mentoring, we believe in developing their skills. We connect young people (Mentee) with Mentors through the networks of highly experienced and outstanding mentors.

How does Samata Scholars Program works

Samata Scholars is a cohort-based programme in which students join us for a 5-month immersive learning experience that includes pre-seminar assignments such as book and academic journal readings, as well as interactive lectures with student mentors, scholarship/fellowship recipient students, distinguished professors, and so on. Our mentors help students (Samata Scholars) discover the correct academic programme, apply for scholarships, prepare for examinations (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT), write personal statements, essays, and so on.

Our rigorous counselling program is a three-tiered approach that focuses on the student's personality, professional aspirations, and hobbies. Our goal is to match your personality and job ambitions to your passions. Our team works with young people and assists in determining whether they should study or work at this point in their career. Moreover, whichever decision they make, we assist them throughout the process. If an individual plans to pursue further education in a foreign country, our team helps the concerned individual with the same in their application process. We can assist individuals in determining what is required of their application to be better and the practical aspects of the degree they aspire to.

Samata (Action For Impact) Founder Adv Pravin Nikam conducted a session on Higher Education at Tarunaai Team orgnaised youth leadership camp

We also make sure that these young aspirants pick up on job skills and make the most of their time at university. We attempt to try to assist them in finding the ideal job profiles that match their personality and interests if they decide to work now and study later. We assist them in developing a great CV and interview preparation till they land the job of their dreams. We assist them in applications at world leading universities, also guide on skills required for the future of work and support them via our mentors.

We offer a 5 months cohort based program along with learning resources for students from rural, low-income, non-English medium, minority and marginalised backgrounds to prepare for various Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate programmes. We do not charge any tuition fees or mentoring. All our support is free of cost.

Register Yourself

Once the student registers for Samata Scholars, our team will screen applications and all those who fulfill the application criteria receive email for acceptance for the Scholars Program.

Career Counselling and Mentoring Plan

In your first session you will meet your mentor and have two counselling sessions; and then start building your mentoring plan to maxima your chances to get offer from top university, scholarship or profession.

University Shortlisting, Application to Scholarship and Approach to Job Search/Internship Application

Each week you’ll connect with your mentor to build subject knowledge, develop your application, shortlisting universities, scholarship application guidance and get ready for tests and interviews.

Academic/Professional Support

Meeting a top university's criteria or a professional skills requirement requires support from a domain expert. Your mentor will support you with advice and skills that would assist you in your application

We along with our team of mentors support students at Scholars Program in the following ways:

  • One on One Mentoring
  • Application Support for your personal statement, admissions test and university interviews.
  • Subject support to maximise your grades with revision support, study tips and exam advice.
  • Access to prominent experts mentoring
  • Counselling focused on a three-tiered approach that focuses on the student's personality, professional aspirations, and passion.
  • Peer Support and Guidance by Student Mentors
  • Access to internships, fellowships and job opportunities
  • Access to Masterclass conducted by domain experts
  • Modules and Workshops on skills and Collaborative leadership
  • Personality Development
  • Career Mentoring by Domain Experts and Professionals
  • Office Hours Sessions with Domain Experts, Professionals
  • Training and Guidance for Interviews  Skills
  • Building entrepreneurial spirit

On similar lines, we conduct Action for Impact Scholars for Foreign Students by mentoring them for Higher Education Opportunities in Foreign and Indian Universities. We encourage Refugees, Ethnic Minorities and Students from Crises hit areas)

Photo at LSE after registering as LSE Student

Do you aspire for Higher Education in good Indian and Foreign Universities?

Then Apply for Samata Scholars and get mentored by our mentors who are alumina of Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, etc

Adv Pravin Nikam speaking to college students and Profesors

Eligibility Criteria required to apply for Samata Scholars Programme:

  • The applicant is a final Year student or has completed Graduation / Post Graduation.
  • Have completed all components of an undergraduate degree that will enable the applicant to gain entry onto a postgraduate programme at an Indian or foreign university by the time they submit their application.
  • It is desirable but not necessary for the applicant to have work experience (this includes voluntary work, paid or unpaid internships etc.) (If the applicant doesn’t have work experience, they can still apply)
  • Preference will be given to those applicants who are disadvantaged by inter alia social position, economic ability and geography.

Learning Modules for Samata Scholars Program

Module 1 – Understanding the WHY?

  • Welcome
  • Why should we peruse high-quality education
  • Assumptions and Barriers
  • Advantages of Education/Masters/ PhD
  • Assignments for Students
  • Closing Thoughts and Briefing on next module schedule

Module 2 – Teaching, Learning and Assessments in Foreign Universities

  • Debriefing on submitted assignments  by students
  • Teaching and Learning at a UK/US university
  • Assessment at a UK/US university
  • Support for student learning at a UK/US university
  • Personal planning for success at a UK/US  university
  • Session with Chevening Scholar from London School of Economics

Module 3 – Skills and Experience for Higher Education and Part-time Employer

  • Debriefing on submitted assignments  by students
  • Understanding values, skills and interests, and how these may relate to future career plans
  • The importance of employability skills
  • The skills that employers are looking for, and the opportunities available in education to develop these
  • The graduate labour market, including typical roles and destinations
  • Session from student from Oxford University

Module 4 - Knowledge of Self and Selection of Academic Course-College

  • Review of Submitted Assignments  by students
  • Knowledge of Self
  • Area of Interest
  • Achieving Excellence
  • Selecting Academic Course
  • Selecting College
  • Session from student from Cambridge University

Module 5 – Timeline for Application

  • Review of Submitted Assignments  by students
  • Timeline for Masters/ Phd Application
  • SoP Writing
  • LoR Writing
  • Essays Writings
  • Session by LSE Alumni Adv. Pravin Nikam (Chevening Scholarship Recipient)

Module 6 – Scholarship and Financial Support for Education

  • Scholarships for Masters and PhD
  • Application to Scholarships
  • Scholarship Essay Writings
  • Session by LSE Alumni Adv. Pravin Nikam (Chevening Scholarship Recipient)

Module 7 – Preparing For University

  • Pre-arrival at university
  • Tips on budgeting and independent living
  • Student support you can expect from a University
  • What to expect on arrival and in the first week
  • The differences between college and university learning
  • Reading and assessment support

Module 8 – Self-study and research

  • Getting started
  • Higher Education System in the UK/US
  • Importance of Independent study
  • Developing Academic Skills
  • Life in the UK/US: Choosing accommodation
  • Review and reflect

Module 9 – Learning Structure at UK/US University

  • Knowing how to communicate your work and ideas at university
  • Seminars and group work
  • Presentations
  • Life in the UK/US
  • Review and reflect

Module 10 – Develop writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills for studying at university

  • Ways to approach reading
  • Using your library
  • Academic writing
  • Academic integrity
  • Critical thinking
  • Assessments
  • Need for Self-care during academic program
  • Review and reflect

We pair you with the ideal mentor based on your preferred degree subject and university goals.

Our academic mentors are current or past masters/PhD students from leading universities who have received full funded scholarships from diverse educational backgrounds e.g., law, journalism, engineering, literature etc. They will guide the students about the masters/PhD applications to world leading universities, as well about various university scholarships and fellowships.

Student Mentors at 20+ Universities

Samata is more than just a mentoring platform, as it helps you prepare for scholarships applications. Our mentors know how to succeed because they have done so.

Pravin Nikam during a session at students


Learners Review

What Our Students Say About Us

Samata (Action For Impact) Founder Adv Pravin Nikam conducted a session on Higher Education at Tarunaai Team orgnaised youth leadership camp


Samata Scholars Learning Outcomes

  • Create a timeline for applying to leading universities
  • Create an action plan to learn academic skills
  • Reflect on the differences between university and school/college level education
  • Gain a better knowledge of UK/US academic culture and participation;
  • Investigate how teaching and learning are organised in UK/US higher education, as well as crucial vocabulary
  • Improve your English
  • Evaluate the tools available to you to help your learning
  • Recognize what lecturers look for in their students.
  • Learn some simple ways for properly managing your time as you prepare for university.
  • Enhance note-taking abilities required for university.
  • Develop techniques to help you strengthen the critical thinking abilities you'll need in college.
  • Understand how university students learn and are assessed
  • Identify ways students are supported to succeed at university
  • Interact and network with other students
  • Recognize the characteristics of outstanding academic writing and apply them to your essays and reports.
  • Discover how to deal with the university learning environment.
  • Explore what coming to a UK/US university entails
  • Discuss approaches on making the most of the wider opportunities a university provides

Our Mission is Enabling Future Leaders

We don't charge for our support which enables the students to concentrate on their studies rather than their finances.

Equal opportunities are provided, and the playing field is levelled. Our mentees come from circumstances where getting into a top university requires considerable obstacles to overcome. We pair mentors with students who have the potential to attend a top institution but need your help to turn their enthusiasm for their topic into a top university spot. All you'll need is a laptop and access to the internet. Although talent is distributed equitably, opportunity is not. We're going to change that. We use cutting-edge technology and free support from top undergraduates and graduates to help low-income students get into the best colleges. We started in 2020 and are growing so quickly that we expect our platform to be mentoring 1000+ low-income children by 2025.

We want to create a cutting-edge technology platform that equalizes the playing field.

One-on-one coaching has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for realizing potential. Mentorship, however, has been out of reach for most students until now. So we're building the Samata platform to make our fantastic network of mentors available to students from low-income backgrounds at any time and from anywhere, as well as provide skill development training and courses.

Although our platform is free for students, we do require funding to expand our operations and make this free platform available to a larger number of people.
Please get in touch if you're a philanthropist or a donor interested in supporting us!


Our founding principles are the driving force behind our success and keep us at the cutting-edge of social impact.

Technology For Social Impact

We believe that technology can aid in the equalization of opportunities for low-income learners.

1:1 Mentoring

We believe that one-on-one mentorship is critical for students to reach their full potential.

Skills for Future of Work

Supporting students into top universities is not enough but must be complemented with skills that help them when it comes to employability.

Data for Social Impact

We measure our social impact by collecting data which enables us to rigorously evaluate our work and measure impact